A new gender revolution

What the world needs is clear to us: more women leaders, especially young women. When young women lead at home, in their communities, in parliament or at the UN, change happens.

For this reason, we want more and more young women to find the confidence to rise up and change the game.

We want this place to be a safe space where young women from all over the world, in all their diversities, can come together to support and  learn from each other.

The YWCA movement

Social movements have been shaping the world for centuries.

The abolition of slavery, civil rights and women’s right to vote have been achieved when a group of visionary human beings came together and coordinated around a common call to action.

Since 1855, when our movement was created, the YWCA women have been at the forefront of social change.In 1946 we endorsed the first Interracial Charter. In the 1960s we lobbied for civil rights legislation. In the 1970s we called for the repeal of laws restricting abortion.

Today our movement is striving to achieve gender equality, in our lifetime.

Since the beginning we, young women, have been drivers of change.

While patriarchy is still trying to silence us, belittle us, abuse us and disempower us we need to keep pushing. We need to re-claim our space and never lose the drive to achieve what is long overdue: equality!

But we cannot do it alone.

Sisterhood is powerful, together we can shape power structure and ultimately change our world.

Are you ready for a gender revolution? Join us!